Couchtuner is one of the finest sites to watch TV series online that’s popular among internet junkies. It is a website on the internet that is famous for enabling people to enjoy their best TV shows and movies around the world. Couchtuner is accessed by more than 74 million users. One of the best things about this platform is there are a very large number of shows that can be accessed. Presently, they have more than 3600 links on their website that can be enjoyed by the users.

The website updates their list almost every date and the new TV series have attracted the attention of millions of users on this platform. One of the best things is the entire content can be streamed in High-Definition mode. Couchtuner doesn’t need users to register or ask for any personal information before enabling them to enjoy any of the content. All one need to do is to simply open the website and click on the TV shows one is interested to watch. Here are some key features of this website.

couchtuner website

Couchtuner Feature & Proxy Unblocked

  • Restriction-free streaming.
  • HD video downloading option.
  • Online streaming with almost no ads.
  • Can create a playlist and can store your favorite movies over there.
  • Fresh uploads almost every day to let you watch the newly arrived shows and movies. | |

A few users have also reported the malware links on this website. Well, if you are interested in the Couchtuner content but not able to enjoy the same due to any of the reason, there is no need to worry. Many alternatives websites are available to users. Here is the list of top 10 Couchtuner Alternatives with similar options and experience.

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8+ Couchtuner Like Websites For Watch TV Shows


Encouchtuner.ue is  Couchtuner new domain that runs the same interface and content online. The users have already rated it as one of the finest websites for series streaming and enjoying the content anytime they want. The content which is prevalent across the globe when it comes to TV series can be located on this website. The uncut series of the popular TV shows, original movies in the categories of action, drama, animation, biography, crime as well as a documentary can be enjoyed simply. The websites give you access to their full library without making you fulfill any condition.


Screenshot of Flixtor

Undoubtedly the best sites to watch free movies online that has attracted the attention of a huge section of users who were interested in Couchtuner but couldn’t access its content anymore. There is a gigantic list of TV shows, movies, TV episodes, and video contents. The content can be accessed free of cost and the website has more than 16 million users accessing it almost daily. These are filters on this website that let you find and enjoy the stream of movies from recent years or any other content you are interested to watch. There are no annoying websites and pop-ads and this website is actually a hub for unlimited entertainment. Downloading free movies & series is one of the best features that stands out when compared with other websites.


Watch episodes series is another popular alternative to Couchtuner. A very large selection of the movies and the TV shows is available and can be accessed by the visitors. Almost all the popular movies and TV series of North America including the latest episodes are available and more than 32 million users access this website each day. As per the reviews of the users, this website doesn’t have the pop-ads and this is exactly what that makes it amazing in every aspect. The website covers different genres when it comes to entertainment. To enjoy the content, users need not worry about providing their personal information.



It is another popular domain to watch TV shows online totally free of cost. More than 45% of people in the US between 18 to 38 years of age are familiar with this website. The site derives huge traffic and there are presently 41 million users who access it every day. It is a platform which is on rising and is one of the best available alternatives to the Couchtuner. In less than a year, this platform has seen significant growth in the number of users and all because of their best and popular TV series and movies.

5. Tubitv

On average, this website has around 24 million users and the base is continuously growing. Just like Couchtuner, it provides dynamic access to the popular television series, movies, and episodes without any quality issue. The digital content available on their platform has grown significantly in a very short span of time and it is considered as one of the best domains for online streaming without restrictions. There are almost no piracy issues and this is one of the best things for the users. Almost all the big hits and the popular TV shows of the century can be accessed on this website and the users have already tagged it one of the best available domains in every aspect. Tubi TV is one of the best alternatives of Showbox movie app that came under the scrutiny of movie houses.

6. Snagfilms

Screenshot of Snagfilms

Snagfilms is insanely popular n the present century. The overall number of users of this platform has grown significantly. Actually, they have provided online streaming in a way that almost no other website did. You can seamlessly enjoy your favorite content and movies. All your TV needs can be accomplished simply by visiting this platform. There are top-rated movies and other programming that are known to largely satisfy the users who often seek entertainment from online streaming. It really doesn’t matter what exactly your viewing needs are, this is one of the best websites that can be visited simply.

7. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is another highly popular domain for online streaming which is widely regarded as one of the best available alternatives to the Couchtuner. If you love enjoying TV shows and other videos including the latest Hollywood hits of the millennium, this is a platform for you. It is a useful option for those who stop restrictions and simply want to explore online videos that are truly meant to let the users sit and relax. You can make sure of community-based entertainment and can find the brand new movies including their feedback. It is one among the top-rated platforms for online streaming of top-rated content over the World Wide Web.



It is another website where TV programs and top-notch movies can be enjoyed. It really doesn’t matter where exactly you are located; this website is available in almost all the regions across the globe. Being a popular web-based entertainment website and the best alternative to the popular Couchtuner, this website has more than 28 million users accessing it daily. When it comes to drama, humor films, action movies, newly released TV series and other content that is meant to be enjoyed, this website has already secured a name in largely satisfying a huge diversity of viewing needs.

9. Yesmovies

Yesmovies is another platform for unlimited entertainment and videos streaming. Almost every age people access this website in different parts of the world. A huge amount of enjoyable stuff is loaded on it daily and you need not to worry about any privacy issue when it comes to accessing their services. Some TV shows and the movies are totally free of advertisements and are therefore best for an uninterrupted experience. There are movies from independent filmmakers and the endless hours of TV shows can be enjoyed on this platform. The content on this website is best in every aspect and is totally free from quality issues.